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03 January 2016
**FOSTERERS NEEDED** Like all rescues we have a waiting list of cats needing to come in – one extra fosterer would make a world of difference!

Not all cats that come into our care are waifs and strays. There may be a change in the owner's circumstances - he or she has gone into residential care, or is moving to accommodation which does not allow companion animals, or the family has emigrated, or a family member has developed an allergy to cat hair, or a relationship has broken down. Some cats turn up at people's homes as strays and despite our best efforts no owner is found. There are kittens born which owners need help to find homes for, and kittens born "outside" to an unneutered stray, which need a period of socialisation to the domestic environment. Some cats have been through a traumatic time before they come to us. Others come from a loving home and are bewildered why they are apart from their family. Whatever the reason, fosterers make a huge difference to the lives of these cats, keeping them safe until a new loving home can be found

Fosterers are unpaid: the reward is in knowing you have helped an abandoned or homeless cat to begin a new chapter in its life, giving it a second chance in a happy home

Have you these qualities?

• A love of cats
• An understanding of cat behaviour
• Good people skills as we value your opinion on a potential adopter
• Be caring without being sentimental
• Able to let them go when the time comes for them to go to their new home

This is a very rewarding role that requires commitment. The satisfaction you get from helping a cat that has fallen on hard times towards a better future is immense. If you feel this role is for you and would like more information about becoming a fosterer for your local branch, please contact us for an informal chat