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Branch Register

If your cat has gone missing, or you have found a cat, please provide as much detail as possible, including a good, clear photo if possible, and we will include him in the Lost and Found Gallery

Please note: we try to keep our Lost and Found Register up to date and you will help us greatly if you let us know if your cat has been found or if your stray cat has been reunited with it's owner

To keep this page to a manageable size, cats lost or found are removed after twelve months. They are not forgotten and are kept in our records which can be located if you contact us about a cat

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hether you are reporting your missing cat or you have found a cat it will be helpful to provide us with as much information as possible from the list below. All of this information is very important so we can try to match up the cat’s details with those cats already on our register

  • Sex, breed and age and name of cat
  • Colour (be specific with colouring especially with black and white cats
  • Whether long or short hair
  • Any distinguishing marks that are visually unique about the cat 
  • If neutered
  • If microchipped
  • Collar with details of colour
  • Date cat was lost or found
  • Area went missing from or found in
  • Any other significant information
  • Your name address and telephone number (for our records only)


Please read from the menu on the top left about what you can do to increase the chances of finding your missing cat or of reuniting your found cat with it's owner. You will also find links to other websites that hold Lost and Found Registers both local and national and you can go direct to the Animal Search UK database by clicking the link on our main Lost & Found page

Some very useful advice on what to do if your cat goes missing can be found on the www.catchat.org website http://www.catchat.org/lost.html#national

To help keep this database up to date please notify us when your cat returns home